Logging Industry First Aid Training

First Aid Training for Loggers

Logging First Aid Classes

First aid training for workers involved in logging activities is spelled out in OSHA 1910.266 App B. Logging is one of the few activities with minimum acceptable first-aid and CPR training clearly spelled out in the OSHA standard. While most basic first aid classes will touch on the topic areas spelled out in the OSHA standard, people in the logging industry face unusual hazards and often operate in remote locations which necessitates specific training that will prepare loggers to better respond to on the job illness and injury. First aid for loggersFirst aid training for loggers is inherently different than first aid training for workers in other industries or for the general community. OSHA makes it clear that this industry is held to a high standard and because loggers are likely to play a substantial role in the effective treatment for their fellow worker in the case of an injury accident it is our goal to ensure that they have the training necessary to respond in a safe, effective, and confident manner.

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