Safety Constultant

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New safety program development.

Development of comprehensive safety programs and site safety plans for new businesses or existing businesses that are seeking to add or update a formal safety program.

Existing safety program evaluation.

Evaluating safety programs for effectiveness and compliance. New work sites, evolving scope of work, and changing safety regulations make effective safety compliance a continuously moving target.

Safety policy, program, plan & practice GAP analysis.

Analyzing company safety policy in relation to programs, site safety plans and actual work practices. If the elements are not in alignment it can indicate that there is a dysfunctional safety culture which can lead to trouble.

Site safety survey.

What are the safety issues at your business or work site that just aren’t being seen? An experienced set of outside eyes combined with a systematic site safety audit system can identify potential hazards that are otherwise missed. Improve safety, reduce risk…

Safety education and training.

A key component to any comprehensive safety program is continuous safety training and record keeping. Make the training meaningful and effective!

Safety program management.

Safety programs should be seamlessly integrated into a businesses’ management and work flow. If safety in your organization is a cumbersome intrusion that interrupts and annoys… a new approach may be in order.

Incident investigation and case management.

The goal of a post incident investigation should always be to eliminate the possibility of such and incident happening again. Maintaining that focus with an effective investigation can ensure that the process does not devolve into seeking out people or things to blame.